Happy Clients

Penny offers understanding, a listening ear, encouragement, and truth. She pushes me to reach my goals, but also gives me space to make my own decisions.

My life has changed because Penny holds me accountable for my actions. She pushes me to follow my instinct and follow-through with my plans so that I will reach my goals. Through interacting with Penny, I have grown a closer relationship with her. I know that I can trust Penny, and that anything I say to her is confidential. I feel that Penny can assist with walking in faith, and with handling emotions appropriately.

— Durham, NC

Penny offers wise counsel, sound and professional advice with action steps and and tons of encouragement. My relationships have improved as a result of interacting with Penny. I was very hard on myself based on my past decisions, however, Penny taught me to embrace my past. She taught me the importance of forgiveness, and that I must first forgive myself.

Being single in 2017 is very difficult, especially when all we see in the mainstream media is Sex, Sex, and more sex. Living holy and single is not popular, yet Penny offers sound advice regarding living for God as a single woman in the 21st century. So many times we lose hope and feel like we are alone, yet Penny provides support and insight on how to live both virtuously and victoriously as a single woman of God.

— DC Metro Area

I feel Penny offers me encouragement, wisdom, spiritual advice and a great listening ear. My life has been great since interacting with her. I have overcome some fearful situations and started working on my dreams. She inspired me and let me know that I can accomplish anything. She gave me the courage to never be afraid to accomplish my dreams. She also helped me to see that sometimes in life I must sacrifice in order to achieve my dreams. I am now pursuing my dreams. Penny is also a great mentor. She has help me with several issues and problems. I feel that Penny can assist some people I know personally with being be more productive in their lives and to not be afraid to be successful.

— Raleigh, NC