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Penny Miller, LCSW-C

Penny Miller is a faith based psychotherapist and transformational life coach. She is a graduate of Howard University School of Social Work, Washington DC. She has extensive training and experience as a mental health Clinical Social Worker. She has worked with clients from various backgrounds to include but not limited to Veterans, adults and adolescents within rural and urban communities. She is passionate about serving individuals that have experienced emotional distress and desire relief but lack awareness, knowledge and tools to cope. Penny can relate to experiencing distress. Growing up in a single parent home she experienced loss and knows about hard times. She’s learned hard lessons from the School of Hard Knocks, which lead to her journey of self-discovery, inner transformation and healing. Those life experiences coupled with doing her own inner work has resulted in a commitment to serve and share information with others to help get them unstuck and become their best God created self.

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